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Guided walks

Brussels for kids

A fun walking tour in the historic center of Brussels (for kids 6-12y)

In all of Europe, in towns or villages, the Market Square has always been an important communal meeting point. Around the Town Hall, the heart of Brussels opens up like a book full of tales that we are going to recount.

Down a blind alley, a puppet theater; on the corner over there, a funny dog called “zinneke”; and further on, who is this old lady “Madame Chapeau”?

In Brussels we are known for our numerous comic walls. Let’s discover StreetArt too, a new form of pictural expression.

In days gone by, when people had no running water in their houses, they had to go and bring water from the different fountains in the city, such as Manneken Pis.

In those old times, people would mainly eat bread and were extremely fond of the delicious  “brood van de Gracht“ that is now called “Pain à la Grecque” - who knows why?

This is no school lesson where one may yawn of boredom, but an interesting and fun way to discover our past, with games, fairy tales, and chocolate!....

Practical info

Public: kids from 6 to 12 years old
Duration: 2h
Price: 165€
Meeting point: Grand’Place (Market square), clock of the Town Hall

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Information and reservations

Generaal Pattonstraat 9
1050 Brussels
+32 (0) 499 21 39 85

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European touch
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Our passion

We want to show that Brussels is an animated  city. Brussels tells us her history through monuments, building and the streets where we walk, where we live.


Our activities are offered in French, Dutch and English.
We also offer Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Hebrew and Russian. Other languages on request and regarding availability of our guides.
The price remains the same for all languages.

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