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Brussels among the stars

Commission, Parliament, Councils,… How do the European institutions work in Brussels ?

It was the wish of King Leopold II to extend the boroughs of Brussels outside its historic center; the organization of international and universal exhibitions in Brussels: the Heysel, Jubilee park, Solbosch; furthermore, European headquarters, have given Brussels a unique historic role in contemporary Europe.

Some European institutions have settled in Brussels.  But how does the European Union function? Who decides what?  Do Belgians, French, Germans, Polish or Estonians feel European? How do they live in Brussels? What are the implications for Brussels, the federal capital of Belgium?

Practical info

Public: everyone, max. 25 pers.
Walking tour
Duration: 3h max.
Price: 165€
Meeting point: in the center of the Schuman roundabout

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Generaal Pattonstraat 9
1050 Brussels
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Our passion

We want to show that Brussels is an animated  city. Brussels tells us her history through monuments, building and the streets where we walk, where we live.


Our activities are offered in French, Dutch and English.
We also offer Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Hebrew and Russian. Other languages on request and regarding availability of our guides.
The price remains the same for all languages.

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