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Horta & Co

The pioneers of the Art Nouveau in Brussels introduce a new philosophy of architecture and society

Numerous Art Nouveau creations signed by Horta, Hankar, Van Rysselberghe, Blérot and other famous architects, are to be found in the Louisa area in Ixelles and Saint Gilles.

The Art Nouveau architecture was the expression of a wealthy and modern (progressiste ?) middle-class.  Sparkling but fleeting star, Art Nouveau brought a new philosophy in the art of living.

E-Guides invite you to discover architectural treasures built in the second half of the 19th century.

Direct witness of the “Belle Époque” before WWI, Art Nouveau is fascinating through its extraordinary creativity.

Practical info

Public : everyone, max. 25 pers.
Walking tour
Duration : 3h max.
Price : 150€ (+ entrance fees in case visit of the museum)
Meeting point : Corner avenue Louise/rue Defacqz
Optional : visit of the Horta museum

For more information do not hesitate to contact us

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1050 Brussels
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We want to show that Brussels is an animated  city. Brussels tells us her history through monuments, building and the streets where we walk, where we live.

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